The small village of Udmari, Nagaon, Assam holds a power in its hand and light in its heart to sparkle hundreds of young minds. Education is the key to uplift the youth in a village, city or country. John's Memorial School, pioneered by a young man, Carlus Kujur is a dream project to educate his village to sparkle smiling faces.

Today, the whole of India speaks in English, the language of Global communications. Why should the small village council of Udmari be left behind in the train of development? John's Memorial School strive to make the dream of every child come true. Education is the right of every child and is not restricted to an elite club. At John's Memorial School, we bring to you education par excellence, encouraging sports, field trip and teaching computers.

Our goal: To provide quality education.

We bring English Education to the village for our children are the most prized asset. Our state should not be left behind and our village should no longer be called the poor cousin of development for we believe education is not a privilege but fundamental right. Lets sparkle thousands lights in our hearts and dream big for the sky is the limit.